Investor Relationships

Genso Solar has been established on a solid financial backgrounds and managed by a committed professional core group. The working force of Genso is a young energetic engineering team which manned by qualified graduates and trained technicians.

Over the three year operational period Genso has gained remarkable growth to raised from small technical supply service to a medium scale professional Engineering organization. Genso has successfully executed more than Eight hundred solar projects, to reach the installed capacity of Three Megawatts by the year 2016. The annual turnover has been doubled each operational year, reflecting the steady success of the organization from the establishment. According to the installed capacity, Genso is ranking in first five companies within the industry, with the market share of 15 -20 %. The annual turnover has well surpassed Rs. 180 Million mark, during the financial year 2015/2016.

All this success achieved by working on the initial partnership capital investment and progressive re-investments.

With the objective of to become the industry leader by 2020, Genso has implemented a comprehensive three year overall plan, to increase its market share by 10% annually.

To make this effort feasible, Genso intent to be supported by external funding through a solid understanding to share the growth and benefits of the company. On this decision, Genso is opened to discuss and to be engaged with local venture capitalist or overseas investors to join hand in our success.

Energy sector in Sri Lanka has been identified as one of the main area with significant growth potentials and future prospects, by Board of Investments Sri Lanka..

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