Run Your Business In Green To Gain Multiple Benefits


Energy Matters

Final price of Your product or the service carries 15%- 20% of energy cost which is significantly higher than for a same development in India, China or Bangladesh. Sustainable energy development can change the ultimate revenue of your business remarkably

Source of Energy Makes Difference

Value addition is not limited to appearance, content or the quality of your product/service. Clean power sources you used can significantly differentiate your effort from many other cheaper products in the market. Your cause for the environmental conservation is been welcomed today by many and will be more in the future.

Our Corporate Mission

Increase the profit of your business and improve the quality of your people’s life while making the green energy affordable for all.

Our Values

Maximize Customers’ Investment value
Use of Best Available Technology
Social Awareness at first
Honor the Promises & Warranties
Maintain the Transparency at any cost
Professional Workmanship
Simple, Durable and Solid Nature
Make Renewable Energy Affordable for all

" I’d put my money on the Sun and Solar Energy, what a source of Power ! I hope we don’t have to wait until oil and coal run out, before we tackle that "

-Thomas Edison


Marketing your business as a green business can also establish you as a “business that cares” in the local community.

In the past, many businesses believed that they could not combine economic success and environmental sustainability. However, more and more companies are realizing that going green can help them cut unnecessary costs while also protecting the planet.

A green company restructures its business strategies so that it positively affects the environment. If you are considering making changes so that your business is environmentally-friendly, you may also enjoy several additional benefits.

Public Relations

Companies that emphasize the fact that they are attempting to be environmentally friendly can gain the favor of like-minded consumers. Make your business's efforts to go green a part of your marketing campaign by mentioning the green changes you have made

Cost Savings with cheaper Energy

Companies that focus on reducing energy consumption not only help the environment, but also reduce their costs in the form of lower energy bills. Once the equipment is installed, alternative energy sources are cheaper than the traditional fossil fuel energy sources. The reduced overhead from decreasing utility bills increases the company's profits or allows that money to be allocated to other uses. The specific amount the company saves on energy costs depends on the size of the building and the type of operations.

Self Satisfaction with less environmental pollution

Use of clean and green energy that produces no greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuels and does not contribute to the global warming will add a value to you and your business and your people.

Tell you are genuine ECO FRIENDLY...

Creating an eco-friendly business means you are mindful of the waste products your business creates, and you are well aware of the environmental pollution you are creating while running the business.

With the self satisfaction with green energy you can prove that you are eco friendly by receiving environmental awards; so you can have the public attention to your business and lift the quality of your business and make it a remarkable and well reputed company.

Carbon Footprint

Your carbon footprint is the sum of all emissions of CO2 (carbon dioxide) into the atmosphere as a result of the activities of a particular individual, organization, or community. Usually a carbon footprint is calculated for the time period of a year.

Carbon Credit

A certificate showing that a company has paid to have a certain amount of carbon dioxide removed from the environment. And it is also known as a generic term to assign a value to a reduction or offset of green house gas emissions and it is usually equivalent to one ton of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e).

We have realized the benefit….. Cargills food city, Nawala

After realizing the real time benefit of solar energy, Cargills food city at Nawala put a remarkable step to go green with Genso. Spending a large portion of the capital for energy needs was a huge problem for them but after done an exclusive solar project they became one of proud individual power producers in Sri Lanka.

The capacity of 60kW to cover up nearly Rs. 930,000 Electricity bill..We have done our largest solar project in corporate sector. It is the beginning and there are many more to go.

Cargills food city

At Nawala took the maximum benefit of solar energy while saving thousands of CO2 kgs being emitted to the environment. It is almost 1 year since the installation done and they have reduced their carbon footprint throughout this year by avoiding 33076 kgs of CO2 emission, which is well a huge achievement as a competitor in corporate sector.

While moving forward with the new trends of technology Genso always raise the customers to a higher position in the industry. With the remote monitoring technology provided by Genso, Cargills could see their own achievement while making them proud.

Beyond CSR

Moving a company from ‘bolt-on’ to ‘built-in’ social responsibility.

Green Awards

Environmental protection is a human right but a company has to move with the fast developing techniques by contributing to the cause of environmental pollution. If you are able to minimize the pollution with an innovative way while making your organization a green, you will be awarded as a sustained green corporation.

With the objective of rewarding the corporate entities which have contributed to maintain cleaner and greener environment, the Central Environment Authority (CEA, the ministry of environment) is annually conducted National Green Awards ceremony since 2011.

Most of the organizations getting touch with this competition, For an example the well known Textured Jersey Lanka PLC have won the green awards in 2012 and 2013/2014 since they believe not only financial, social improvements, but contributing towards a sustainable tomorrow is important as much.

Textured Jersey Lanka PLC. Being a highly polluted industry like textile, it is one of the great achievements for TJL in its continues quest in making a better World.

Go green With Genso

While there are many economic benefits to implementing green initiatives, there are a few costs as well. For instance, if you decide to start using solar power to provide some of your company’s energy, there will be an upfront cost to get an estimate for the solar panels, get them installed, and ensure they’re working properly.

When considering the decision to “go green,” look at both the short and long term results of green initiatives and, chances are, you’ll discover a number of benefits.

Including all those benefits, We Genso provides the most reliable and efficient solar solutions with our core business Solar PV Net metering System to make your company green.

Guaranteed Results with performance warranty of 25 years for solar panels makes this solution a solid and trusted investment method. We undertake in any size of Renewable Energy Projects all over the country with the capacity to serve afterwards.

Value Added Business

you change your business to be more environmentally friendly,you will reap many benefits.Over time, you will save money while improving customer relations, which will result in a very successful business venture.

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