Frequently Asked Questions

How long it will take to complete this project ?
  • loan approval - One Week
  • Installation - Two weeks from the date of agreement Signing
  • CEB/ LECO Approval and System Commissioning- Within 3 weeks from Installation
  • (NOTE: This period may vary according to availability of goods, availability of Net Meters in the Authority.)

What if the system Over Generate or Under Generate my monthly usage. ?
  • All the additional energy units will be credited to your utility account and carry forwarded, which can be used for next 10 your.
  • In under generate or over usage, the customer has to pay for those units according to the tariff, from the lowest slab.
  • Any shortage, from the declared annual average output will be addressed accordingly by optimizing or adding additional modules, under the performance warranty by Genso.
  • Seasonal and daily weather changes affect monthly output, but have to be balanced in annual average.
Will this system limits my household activities..?
  • All the appliances run by grid energy
  • Solar power re- feed the grid to balance what you've imported from grid.
  • Your house never depends on solar energy or cannot run only by solar energy.
  • Rain or cloudy weather will never affect your household activities.
  • Any equipment ( motors, air conditioners) load can be worked as usual from the grid power.
What are the benefits of solar other than Total Bill Saving..?
  • No risk of disconnection
  • Freed from future tariff changes.
  • Can liberally use energy for air conditioning, heating and cooking.
  • Reduces heat transfer into the space below the panel mounted area.
What is the maintenance cost of the system..?
  • System is designed to run its own with zero maintenance
  • In dusty environments with less rain, panel surface washing is needed in four months intervals to optimize the harvest
  • All the other maintenance needs will be addressed under component warranties.
How do I know that the system runs smoothly..?
  • The LCD display gives production data, daily, monthly and total basis.
  • Online remote monitoring displays real time information on system performances.
  • Annual report on solar harvest, prepared by Genso Engineering team based on above data, will be presented to the customer.
  • Above all you will be getting a monthly bill of just 30 Rupees to completely forget concerns on Energy Bills.

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