No wonder Business owners trust Genso Solar...

Trust means everything.. in Solar...

Since the time of Solar Grid Feeding (Net Metering) introduced to the Sri Lankan electrical distribution network, Genso has been playing a leading role by investing heavily on technology surveying development through reliable and sustainable sources, around the globe. This helped the company to maximize the customer profit for unit investment value, while maintaining a proper balance between technology vs. capital cost factor.

According to the latest industry records, Genso has become the main constituent of the total corporate sector installed capacity in Sri Lanka. This is simply due to the trust developed on Genso by maintaining optimum techno-financial balances.
Meantime Genso has shown unique sustainability in Solar Industry over a significant period, which is the decisive factor to maintain the customer trust kept on us.

Trust means..

Genuine Product Sourcing...

There are hundreds of thousands of solar energy product sources all around the world, under different branding, different technologies and different capacities. Finding genuine and reliable components is the challenge for both customers as well as for the Industry stake holders..

Professionalism and industry disciplines matters in this process, to not to follow short term benefits and easy sideways to go for the success.

Genso always believes in simplicity, follows international test standards and careful enough to continuously review our performances...

Trust means..

Professional Consultation..

Solar investments are very different from most other investment means. If the customer failed to select the correct partner, the investment will be in trouble of non recovery...

Any solar investment in Sri Lanka takes minimum five year recovery period, which is a very good term compared to Europe and most other countries. This advantage is due to higher energy density we get from the sun.

Any organization with a decent performance forecast on their engineering engagements, needs to maintain a set of standards which costs and should be reflected in primary pricing. Most of the customers are educated enough to balance between Cost - Technology and installer Professional approach.

Trust means..

Expertise Engineering..

The set of standards and procedures to follow in solar installations, critical to ensure a lasting performance without troubling the investor or the installer.

Industry Expertise is working to deliver a quality product while adhering to these basic values, irrespective of the cost. This stands against the competition, in most instances in general marketing..

Expertise works are not cheap always..

If someone looks for sustainability, there is a cost we have to bear on it...

Genso always deliver the trust through our Industry Engineering Expertise...

Trust means..

Responsive aftercare..

Continuous delivery of performance has to be ensured, except in natural challenging situations.

This is the way to improves customer investment value and early recovery of the investment.

Genso has established firm aftercare service system, which is dynamic and constantly strengthening with our capacity expansion.

Real time web based performance monitoring

24 hr. Emergency services and regular services in specific intervals ensure the continuous system intact.

Genso believes support services are more important than the initially execution to maintain the trust you placed on us...

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