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Genso Power Annual Get together 2018

The year 2018 of Genso was commenced with a great celebration.  It was the new year celebration as well as celebrating the 5th year of Genso in the Sri Lankan Renewable energy industry. 

The achieveres of 2017 was recognised followed up with an award ceremony.  The best marketing person, The best Technical Staff person, The most creative person  was some of the notable awards presented. 

Members of Genso Family including members of 15 island wide branches participated in the event enthusciatically.  New year resolutions were formed and annual plan was declared.  The moto for 2018 will be "ජවයෙන් ජීවයෙන් ජයටැඹ කරා ".

We all look forward for a great year ahead. 

✍ by Wajira Mendis Posted on 02 January 2018