Emergency Backups

Genso Easy Power Battery Backup System

No more blackouts for your home...
Fuel driven small generators cause lot of practical difficulties when used as backup solutions in grid power failures for homes or for small offices. Genso Power Technologies bring a smart energy solution for this burning need - “Easy Power” - Battery Backup solution. “Easy Power” will never let your home & loved ones go into dark again...

Newly customizable design according to customer requirement
All in one design, Plug and play
Silent, maintenance free, easy operation
100% Safety- compared to fuel powered generator related hazards
Minimum space requirement - physical interferences
Industrial approved components and system design
After services and advices

Genso power technology provides options for backup systems and now you could able to customized the backup system as your requirement. Please do not hesitate to contact Genso Power Technology specialist to get your back up system today.

According to smarter lighting concept The Public Utilities commission of Sri Lanka (PUCSL) has approved the time of use (TOU) tariff for the domestic uses that consume a Three-Phase power supply. By implementing this TOU tariff, PUCSL aims to reduce power usage during the peak hours and promote power usage during the off-peak hours This is a great opportunity to people who use Genso Power backup system.

They can use backup system to charge the batteries in off peak time which is charge only RS.13 per unit and use that stored power in peak hours which is charged RS.54 per unit. So you can still save the power using Genso backup system in peak time as cheap as RS.13 per unit.

Just Plug & Run...

Free of maintenance
No need fuel
No noise, bad smell or emission
Safe & Reliable
Could be operated by a child or a Housewife.
Premium Quality Deep Cycle Batteries used.

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