Portable Backups

One Day, This device can save your life...
Disasters can occur anytime anywhere you are...
You may be kept away from the rest, for hours, for days and nights..

Today, "Power" has become a basic of living need, after food and water...
Without power, you will be unsecured, discounted and kept the dark..

We Genso - Equip you with Emergency Power.. Reliably..

Secure Energy...
Wherever you are,
Whenever you need ...

Genso - Power Stock Unit can be applied to the villa, household, tourist resorts, prairie areas, remote mountain village, no power supply areas, farms, hills, villages, island, highway and any regions to generate electricity, it can charge cell phones, notebook computers, lights, digital camera, fans, TV set, electric tools, music CDS, DVDS, etc. It is ideal equipment for army, fire protection, scientific, industrial and mining, tourism, grazing field and other outdoor activities long time used. It also has the function of starting the car engine.

AC / DC Output Solar Generator

There are 3 charging ways for selection:

Automobile 12V DC
18V DC solar panel
AC wall outlet inputs

Product Description

Stylish portable design, easily carrying solar power system
Indicators to display system status, show battery capacity, charge status, error
Diverse charge ways: Refuel from utility grid, car adapter or sunlight
Power output mode: AC output and DC output
Emergency jump starter function from 12V car engine start port
Movable multifunctional solar power system for camping, long trip, earthquake, army, mobile device, hospital emergency rescue, etc.
Safety protection system of over current, over voltage, over load, over temperature, under voltage, short circuit


Model No SS-PPS400W
Battery Polymer / lithium battery / 12V/50AH
Car charging Voltage: 12V-20V Current:5A
Solar charging Voltage: 18V urrent:10A
AC charging Voltage: 13.5V Current:6A
AC output Max output power:400W
Output voltage:AC110V-240V
Output frequency:50HZ-60HZ
Output wave form :Pure sine wave
DC12V output Output voltage:DC12V
Max output current(IMAX):8A
USB DC5V output Output voltage:DC5V
Output voltage:DC5V Max output current(IMAX):3A
Over charge protection > 10A
Under voltage protection < 9.2V
Over voltage protection < 12.5V
Over heating protection > 60℃
Vehicle emergency starting 12V battery car engine start
Radiating Air coolings
Protections Over charge protection, Under voltage protection, over voltage protection, over load protection, short circuit protection, overheating protection
Size 385mm*280mm*150mm
N.W. 9.1KG

Genso portable AC / DC Power Backup Unit

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